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Employability Skills ITI Book PDF Download Free Revised Edition 2024

Download the Latest (Revised Version 2023) Employability Skills Books PDF download of, Question Papers, Syllabus in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Gujarati for free, based on NCQF, NIMI pattern question papers, books, and syllabus are available for all ITI Trades such as Electrician, Fitter, Welder, Turner, COPA, Machinist, Wireman, Tool and Die Maker, Mechanic, MMV and all other trades. NCVT and SCVT-approved books ITI candidates can download Employability Skills ITI Book 1st Year and Employability Skills ITI Book 2nd yearbook question paper and syllabus.

Employability Skills ITI

Employability Skills ITI Book Overview

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Employability Skills ITI Book PDF Download 2024

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Employability Skills Syllabus

Employability Skills ITI 1st year Syllabus is divided in two semesters. The total duration of the course is 120 hours. The semester on duration is 62 hours and the 2nd-semester course duration is 58 hours after theory we also need to fill workbook of Employability Skills. Semester wise syllabus of the book is given below.

Employability Skills ITI 1st Year (Semester 1) Syllabus

Introduction to Employability Skills1. Importance of Employability Skills
2. Learning Employability Skills Online
3. Explore the Future of Work
Constitutional Values: Citizenship1. My Values and Ethics
2. Our Constitution: Guiding Principles
3. Protecting Our Environment
Becoming a Professional in the 21st Century1. 21st-Century Employability Skills
2. Know Yourself
3. Behaviour and Attitude
4. Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
5. Time Management in the Workplace
6. Problem-Solving
Basic English Skills1. Motivation to Learn English
2. Naming Words
3. Naming Words: Singular and Plural
4. Pronouns
5. Action Words
6. Describing Words, Objects, Surroundings, and Processes
7. Introduction to Punctuation
8. Kinds of Sentences: Introduction
9. Kinds of Sentences: Introduction
Communication Skills1. Importance of Communication
2. Verbal Communication: Speaking
3. Verbal Communication: Writing
4. Non-Verbal Communication
5. Practicing Effective Communication
6. Workplace Communication: Introduction
7. Effective Team Work
8. Managing Conflicts
9. Handling Criticism
10. Assessing Your Communication Ability
Essential Digital Skills1. Introduction to Digital Skills
2. Basics of Computers
3. Exploring a Computer
4. Exploring Windows Operating System
5. Creating and Saving Files
6. Basics of MS Word
7. Creating Documents on MS Word
8. Basics of MS Excel
9. Simple Functions on MS Excel
10. Introduction to Digital Skills
11. Using Search Engines
12. Searching for the Right Information Online
13. Social Media
14. Social Media for Professional Development
15. Internet Safety
16. Communication Using Email
17. Introduction to Mobile Applications
18. Internet of Things (IoT)
19. Using Online Meeting Tools for Interviews
20 Exploring Popular Sites for Learning and Career Growth

Employability Skills ITI 2nd Year (Semester 2) Syllabus

Diversity and Inclusion1. Gender Stereotypes
2. Understanding Gender-Based Discrimination
3. Understanding Gender Equality
4. Diversity in the Workplace
5. Inclusion in the Workplace
6. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: POSH Act
Financial and Legal Literacy1. Introduction to Money Management
2. Basics of Banking
3. Online Banking and Digital Transactions
4. Mobile Banking Apps
5. Online Payments
6. Salary
7. Savings
8. Loans and Insurance
9. Legal Literacy
Entrepreneurship1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial Mindset
3. Difference between Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
4. Market Scan: Exploring the Market
5. Understanding Customer Needs
6. Selecting a Type of Business: Product or Service
7. My Final Business Idea
8. Building Your Business Plan
9. Pitching for Your Business
10. Basic Legal Functions Needed for Any Business
11. Marketing in the 21st Century
12. Accounting for Business
13. Funding for Your Business
14. Business Stories: Learning from Successes and Failures
Career Development and Goal-Setting1. Introduction to the World of Work
2. My Interests and Abilities
3. Building Your Career Pathway
4. Job Market Research
5. Setting Goals for Your Career
Customer Service1. Customer Service and Relationship Building
2. Types of Customers
3. Probing to Identify Customer Needs
4. Simple Techniques for Communicating with Customers
5. Closing Sales and Customer Feedback
Getting Ready for Apprenticeships and Jobs1. Positive Work Environment
2. Personal Grooming and Hygiene
3. Managing Stress in the Workplace
4. Building My Resume
5. Preparing for an Interview
6. Decoding Interviews
7. Mock Interviews
8. Professional Networking
9. Handling Rejection and Failure
10. Industry Visit: 1
11. Industry Visit: 2
12. Reflection After Industry Visit
13. Guest Lecture by Alumni or HR
14. Introduction to Platform-Based Jobs
15. Applying for Jobs Through Online Portals
16. Enrolling for Apprenticeships

Employability Skills ITI Question Paper PDF

SemesterPDF files
Employability Skills 1st Year Question Paper PDF Download
Employability Skills 2nd Year Question Paper PDFDownload


On this page, we have provided Employability Skills Book PDFs Syllabus, and question papers on one page we make easy for all ITI students where they can download and learn all study materials easily. All books and syllabus are updated to version 2023 syllabus.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course duration of Employability Skills 2023?

The total duration of the course is 120 hours in 1st year we have 62 hours and in 2nd year we get 58 hours.

How to Download Employability Skills ITI Book PDF?

To download the book pdf kindly choose the language and year and click on the download button from the above table.

What is the concept of employability skills?

The concept of employability skills is.
• Talk well (communication skills).
• Listen well (follow instructions properly).
• Respect and get along with colleagues (interpersonal skills).
• Take responsibility and initiative (leadership skills).
• Apply knowledge to solve problems (critical thinking).
• Keep up with new trends (upskill).

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